Winter Season- the best time to snuggle in cozy blankets, enjoy Christmas cake, and munch on traditional Indian delicacies like gazar ka halwa, jaggery chikki, panjiri, and more!

The winter season is knocking on the door, making it the time demanded to plan and organize the winter diet in advance. This will not only help keep a check on calorie count but will also keep seasonal weight gain and seasonal aches at bay. 

According to Survey reports across the states, for more than half of the Indian population, the winter season is all about being lazy, sick, and uncomfortable, addressing all sorts of muscular pains and cramps! Sadly, A large segment of the Indian population (particularly elders and children) is found vulnerable to the winter season dealing with health concerns one after the other. 

Thanks to the winter superfoods that are not just readily available throughout the season but can magically work as a protective shield against seasonal infections and pains. Through this article, Let’s explore these superfoods and make this coming winter season super-sorted for ourselves and our families. 



Woman grilling sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are loaded with Beta Carotene, which is a potent antioxidant and a rich source of Vitamin A. It protects your hair from thinning and even reduces dullness by aiding cell growth

Winters and sweet potatoes are like best friends. Sitting around the bonfire and roasting sweet potatoes is a go-to winter evening ritual in most Indian families. But have you ever wondered how nutrient-dense this superfood is? To your delight, sweet potatoes are the richest source of fiber, vitamin A, and potassium. A generous intake of sweet potatoes throughout the season can relieve the symptoms of constipation, boost immunity, and reduce gastric inflammation. 

However, sweet potatoes have a slightly higher sugar content than regular potatoes. So, the best practice is always to control the portion size and keep count of the total calorie intake per day. Doing this will prevent you from missing out on reaping the incredible health benefits of sweet potatoes. 


Khajoor or Khajur is one of the most-liked delicacies of Indian tradition. It is amazingly power-packed with nutrients like iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, and copper that keep the heart healthy and improve blood circulation. 

Munching a fistful of dates every morning helps to keep the body warm, combats cough and cold, and provides energy. Further, dates being low in fat are a great snacking option for those aiming to reduce weight during the winter season. 


Knee/joint pain and stiffness are one of the most common winter complaints of people across all age groups. Incorporating ragi into the diet in the form of cheela, idli, dosa, or sprouts can help get rid of joint-related complaints. This is because ragi is generously loaded with calcium, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that help to strengthen bones and reduce inflammation, joint swelling, and other related complaints. Further, being low in calories, it is the perfect breakfast option for weight watchers or fitness enthusiasts.


Winters is all about decorating your plate with healthy and bright-colored fresh organic green leafy veggies. These are not only tempting to look at but are also the storehouse of incredible nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Adding green leafy vegetables (like coriander, spinach, carrot leaves, onion stalk, cauliflower, etc) to each meal helps to naturally build and boost immunity.  So, instead of choosing a starch-dense potato- curry this winter season, try opting for a green leafy veggie such as sarso da saag!


various spices like ginger cinnamon cardamom tulsi pepper arrange from left to right

Ginger, cardamom bay leaf, or cinnamon is generally used as a spice or seasoning in Indian cooking. A decoction of these superfoods (herbs or spices) is particularly recommended by doctors and dieticians during the winter season. 

Experts recommend the intake of superfoods every morning due to their medicinal properties in combating the common cold, cough, seasonal temperature, and congestion which is most common among children and the elderly. 


Moringa leaf powder is one of the best superfoods that should be consumed throughout the year. However, consuming it in winter provides benefits against seasonal infections and flu.  Research studies prove that the intake of moringa powder can heal and protect the human body against all sorts of health ailments. This is due to the presence of strong antioxidants and phytonutrients that work by cleansing the blood. 

Apart from these superfoods, there’s one other incredible nutrient that is often missed during the winter season. It is Water. Yes! It’s a nutrient that is required by the body throughout the season but during winters the body’s fluid requirement increases by 2-3% due to dehydration and accumulation of toxins in the body as it is obvious to not feel thirst due to the cold weather or decrease in physical activity. Rescue to this is to set water reminders, stay active and sip a good amount of fluid (not less than 2.5ltrs) in the form of plain water, coconut water, lemon water, soup, and herbal teas around the season. 


Winter Season is just around the corner and it is a beautiful phase of nature that can be enjoyed like any other season. Mindfully incorporating these seasonal superfoods into your everyday diet can help fulfill daily nutritional requirements, protect the body against infections, and boost immunity in the most natural way!

Happy and healthy Old Couple drinking tea and laughing