Being one of the healthiest and most treasured milk products, Ghee has been a part of Indian traditional cooking for ages. Further, Ayurveda also acknowledges pure ghee as one of the most sattvic foods that can heal and nourish a body inside out. 

From dal and khichdi to halwas and chapatis, ghee is used as one of the most versatile ingredients that adds flavour and nutrients to the food. 

Sadly, this traditional bliss has been swiped with fat-filled refined oils for regular cooking. According to nutritional experts, Ghee being loaded with protein, fat-soluble vitamins, antioxidants, and good fat supports mental and physical well-being.  Cutting the intake of ghee can result in deterioration of health over time. 

The Indian market is now flooded with varieties of Ghee to choose from. What differentiates one breed of ghee from another is its nutritional composition and the source from where it’s being fetched. 

Through this piece of the article let’s explore the best variety of ghee i.e A2 Gir Cow Ghee and its incredible health benefits. 

What is Ghee?

Ghee is clarified butter that is prepared by separating the milk solids and the butterfat while cooking out the water of cow or buffalo milk. 

Enriched with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, and many other important nutrients, ghee is considered as one the most nutrient-dense food. 

Unlike most refined oils, ghee has a high smoking point which prevents it from producing free radicals that can damage the body. 

Traditionally, cow ghee has been used not just to prepare a variety of dishes but also as an important body massaging ingredient that relieves pain and muscular stiffness. 

What is A2 Gir Cow Ghee?

a2 desi ghee in a glass bottle with a spoonful of ghee

Gir cow ghee is an exceptionally nutrient-rich variety of ghee that comes from sacred Gir cows. Traditionally speaking, gir cows are an ancient breed that’s believed to be in existence since lord Krishna’s times. There’s also a belief that says that gir cows were the ones that Lord Krishna used to play with in his cow fam (go-shala). 

Being naturally golden yellow in color, Ayurveda hails A2 Gir cow ghee as liquid gold or golden Amrit.

What Does ‘A2’ Stands For?

Generally, cow milk is a composition of several proteins. The most dominant and nutritionally fulfilling of which is beta-casein (protein). There are further different types of beta-casein, namely-

  •  A1 beta-casein
  • A2 beta-casein

A1 beta-casein causes harmful effects on the body. Plus, those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk are sensitive to A1 beta protein. 

On the other hand, A2 beta-casein is nutritionally balanced and generally well tolerated by the majority of people. Thankfully! Gir cows have a genetic makeup that’s naturally high in A2 beta-casein. This makes A2 Gir cow ghee well-tolerated for people dealing with lactose intolerance or cow protein sensitivity. 

Benefits of A2 Gir Cow Ghee

  • Ghee for Constipation

Ghee is one of the best sources of butyric acid (fatty acid) that is naturally great for supporting the health of the intestinal wall. Plus, A2 gir cow ghee works as a mild lubricant that eases the intestinal tract, smoothening the fecal passage. This helps to relieve constipation or irregular bowel movement. 

  • Ghee for Immunity-

A healthy gut is the root of strong immunity. Ghee promotes a healthy gut which ultimately helps to build and boost immunity. Plus, A2 gir cow ghee contains powerful antioxidants that help to boost the immune system by eliminating free radicals and their harmful effects on the body. 

  • Ghee for Bones

Gir cow ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K that help to keep the bones and muscles strong. Experts recommend that consuming ghee in moderation helps to prevent bone degeneration and inflammation. This keeps the bones and joints strong, nourished, and healthy.

  • Ghee for Heart

Ghee contains Omega -3 fatty acids (HDL) that help to lower cholesterol and bad fat (LDL) from the blood. This helps to keep the arteries unclogged and fat-free. Consuming A2 Gir cow ghee in moderation assures that the fat and cholesterol in the body are maintained. 

  • Ghee for Skin- 

Ghee contains minerals that help to replenish and heal skin inside and out. A2 gir cow ghee helps to maintain moisture and the natural pH of the skin by balancing the essential oils present in the skin. Gir cow ghee can also be applied directly to the skin for healing and soothing dehydrated, irritated skin. 

How to identify quality A2 Gir Cow Ghee?

As A2 Gir cow ghee is the new hype in the Indian market, with ‘n’ a number of brands claiming that their A2 Gir cow ghee is the most authentic and original. In order to be able to identify the original cow ghee, here’s what you should look for-

  • A2 Gir cow ghee is yellow in color
  • It has a grainy texture that symbolizes that low flame has been used to churn the ghee
  • It has an aroma that’s richer than regular ghee
  • A2 Gir cow ghee melts at your body temperature

Which is the Best A2 Ghee? Where to Buy?

herd of cows and a cowman animated

A2 Gir Cow ghee promotes health while adding divine aroma and heavenly taste to the food. To make this experience worth every bite, Namma Mitti brings absolutely pure A2 Gir cow ghee that’s churned using traditional methods, in order to make you feel like magic melting in your mouth!

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Wrapping Up:

A2 Gir cow ghee is nature’s boon to humanity.  Ayurveda suggests switching to A2 Gir cow ghee, as it boosts intelligence (Dhi), refines intellect (Buddhi), and improves memory (Smriti). 

Fortunately, it’s readily available and is easy to find in both online and offline stores. However, not all brands or local vendors claiming their A2 Gir cow ghee as being the purest is true. Hence it’s important to research well in order to make an authentic purchase. This piece of writing will guide you to choose the best and pure A2 Gir cow ghee for regular cooking.