Everybody wants to eat healthy and stay super fit. For this, they are willing to invest any amount of effort and their hard-earned money. However, the irony is, that anything and everything in the name of ‘healthy food’ and ‘health’ is being marketed and sold. People can easily be tricked with names like organic food, natural food, inorganic food, and herbal food. 

It’s in fact been observed that most of the time, the public is not even aware of what is being sold to them otherwise there is a lack of awareness, due to which they tend to make wrong buying choices.

This creates an urgency for sensitizing the public regarding healthy eating and the categories of food available to choose from. 

The team at Soonya.com makes an attempt to highlight the different divisions of food that you might come across when you go to the grocery store next time. And wait! If you are not sure which store to trust for sustainable food buying, hold tight till the end.

Top FOUR Food Categories:

1. Organic Food:

To put it in the simplest terms, organic food is one that is produced using organic farming methods. No harmful chemicals, pesticides, harsh fertilizers, synthetic ingredients, etc, are used to produce this food. This obviously means that the high nutritive content of food is left intact in this type of farming. 

Eating organic assures that you have no chemicals, not even the residue of it in your daily diet. One of the other benefits of organic food is that the well-balanced soil grows strong and healthy crops that are sustainable and taste great!

In a nutshell, organic food is one that is chemical-free, GM-free, and free from contact with even the traces of inorganic food. The fertilizers that are used in this type of farming are absolutely organic/ natural and not synthetic or man-made. 

2. Inorganic Food:

Inorganic food is what we mostly eat! Yes, sounds strange, but true. It is the type of food that is produced using inorganic farming methods. This means that the farmer has used pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, genetic modifications, and synthetic ingredients to procure the finished food product. Most often, with the intent to boost crop production and maximize his total profit. 

The nutritive content in inorganic food is always inferior and if you are someone who relies majorly on inorganic food, then know that you are consuming a lot of pesticides and chemicals unknowingly.

Despite all this, one of the main reasons that make inorganic food a go-to choice is that it’s definitely the cheapest. Plus, it’s available easily, throughout the year. 

3. Natural Food:

Natural food is one that undergoes minimal processing to keep it as close to its natural form as possible. This means that it contains no preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, or artificial additives. However, it has been observed that a lot of food products that are not actually natural and that contain additives/hormones are labeled as natural. This is part of poor marketing strategies, making it difficult for the public to differentiate between ‘real natural food’ and the one that duplicates it. 

However, if you can find true natural food, rest assured that you are eating quality and high nutrients that is a prerequisite for building a strong and active body inside out. 

4. Herbal Food:

Herbal food is not a new trend. It has been there since the ancient ayurvedic periods. Herbal food is one that contains natural ingredients that comes from plants, nature, animal extract, etc. The herbal food is loaded with medicinal benefits and is popular as dietary supplements.  

Despite the health benefits of herbal food, these can be procured organically or inorganically. 

Now, we know what different categories of food are. We can at least be sure not to get confused with these names when we visit the grocery store next time. 

top four food categories are listed as points with variety of fruits and vegetables


  1. What is the benefit of consuming Organic Food?

Organic food does not contain harmful chemicals and pesticides which means that it has an exceptionally high nutritional profile. One of the core benefits of consuming organic food is that it supplies essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins, good fat, and antioxidants in a pretty good amount. This helps to build and boost immunity. 

2. Why is organic food expensive?

Organic food is procured with organic farming methods that are time-consuming, expensive, and require more labor. This definitely results in an increase in monetary investment, as a result of which organic food is priced slightly higher. 

  1. Why should I choose herbal food?

Herbal food contains medicinal benefits that can help you get rid of a range of health disorders like joint pain, arthritis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, increased blood sugar levels, and many others. Herbal foods usually contain the goodness of ayurvedic herbs. This makes herbal food a favorite supplement choice of nutrition experts across the globe.  

4. What is the adverse effect of consuming inorganic food?

Inorganic food contains a lot of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and synthetic chemicals, including the ones that are absolutely not safe for consumption. Prolonged intake of chemical-containing food brings adverse effects on health like lack of concentration power, forgetfulness, mood swings, high blood pressure, insomnia, and other related complaints. 

5. Is organic food safe for kids?

Definitely yes. Organic is meant for everyone. Unlike inorganic food, organic food is chemical free. This makes it suitable for children. Various research studies prove that children fed on organic food are more intelligent, creative, emotionally balanced, and socially better adjusted. Plus, organic food helps to build and boost their immunity. So, if you want your kids to be strong, healthy, and fit, switch to organic!

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